Welcome to the WIS Primary School Library!

The WIS library collects materials in English, French and Spanish, including offering a robust collection of digital resources. The Library is staffed by a certified Teacher-Librarian, a tri-lingual Assistant Librarian and two part-time Library Assistants. The library program is committed to supporting teaching and learning in WIS's classrooms, promoting reading, inquiry and literacy, teaching ethical research skills and supporting language learning.

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Newest Books in the Library

Oct/Nov 2019


September 2019 - We're starting to build a new Library Mosaic together. Each time a student returns their library books, she/he receives a little square colored sticker to place on our mosaic poster. Here is last year's as it was growing:
Summer of Action 2019!
https://padlet.com/mrhisler/summerofaction2019 Take action this summer and let everyone know what you did: snap a photo and post it on our WIS Summer of Action Padlet

Library Program Goals and Objectives

  • Support the IB PYP curriculum and teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Teach information, research and citation skills throughout the school
  • Support language development of students at all levels
  • Encourage a love of books and reading
  • Provide information services for students to supplement and complement classroom learning and promote leisure reading
  • Promote effective and independent use of the library and online information sources
  • Promote literacy by organizing book fairs, author/illustrator events and a summer reading program