Library Program Goals and Objectives

  • Support the IB PYP curriculum and teaching and learning in the classroom

  • Teach information, research and citation skills throughout the school

  • Support language development of students at all levels

  • Encourage a love of books and reading

  • Provide information services for students to supplement and complement classroom learning and promote leisure reading

  • Promote effective and independent use of the library and online information sources

  • Promote literacy by organizing book fairs, author/illustrator events and a summer reading program


Grades 1 to 5:

Students may borrow up to four items per week; up to two in English and two or more in French or Spanish.

PreSchool - Kindergarten:

Students may borrow up to three items per week. Two in their language of study, and one in English. Students are also choosing books weekly to borrow for classroom use.

Loan periods:

All Grades: Every Five WIS school days.

Students who want to exchange their materials sooner may do so.


Materials may be renewed as long as nobody else has requested a "hold" on them. Please bring materials to the library by their due date to request their renewal.


Students may borrow print books, audiobooks and magazines. Only one magazine (except for the current issue) and one audiobook may be borrowed per loan period. Students may not borrow DVDs or teacher (professional) materials.

Collection Development Policy:

The PS Library Collection Development Policy was created using numerous resources, including similar policies from K-12 school libraries around the world, as well as publications from the American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians, and Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center).

Behavior Expectations:

The library is a place of learning where reasonable noise is understandable. When students are studying, a quiet atmosphere is expected. Voices should never be above a low level (PS's "level 2"). We should not be able to hear a conversation that is halfway across the room.

When browsing the collections, students must use shelf markers.

To be a responsible community member, students are encouraged to return their borrowed books by their due date so others may take a turn with them.

Overdue Materials

The Primary School Library does not charge overdue fines. However, borrowing privileges are suspended for students with overdue materials, until they are returned.

Students may check their library accounts to see their borrowed materials and due dates by logging into the LIBRARY CATALOG. To log into the catalog,


  2. Students log in with this formula:

    1. Username = first two letters of first name followed by last name: meebbitt (Meghan Ebbitt)

    2. Password = birthdate (DDMMYR): August 16, 2010 - 160810

  3. Click on "My Info" tab at the top.

Damaged or Lost Materials

The replacement cost for a lost or damaged library item will be billed to the student’s account. In addition, a $5 non-refundable book-restoration fee per item will be charged. This fee helps offset the costs associated with ordering, labeling and covering a replacement book.

If a lost item is located and returned to the Primary School Library before the end of the school year and library staff is informed, the replacement cost will be credited to the student’s WIS account. All payments and credits are handled by the WIS business office; please do not send money directly to the Library.

Because library materials are often purchased from companies which supply library bindings to better withstand wear and tear the Primary School Library does not accept replacement copies in lieu of the actual fees for lost and damaged items.

If a student loses or damages their library bag beyond repair (one is assigned to each student in September for transporting their library materials), the student's account will be billed $10 for its replacement.

Computer Use

Students will have access to computers and iPads while working in the library for research-related and similar learning opportunities. Use of pre-selected educational apps and knowledge-sharing tools and software is encouraged. Purely personal use of the computers (for example, non-school-related email/messaging, Facebook, noneducational games) is not allowed. Read the WIS Technology Acceptable Use Policy in the Family Handbook for more details.


The Library gratefully accepts all donations of recent books in good condition. Those that meet our selection criteria will be added to the collection. All others will in turn be donated to another worthy cause. Please contact us to make appropriate arrangements. Thank you!